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You can read about what Graduates of the HND think of the course aswell as seeing some of their work and finding out what they did next!

Gordon Douglas:

“I cannot begin to explain how beneficial HND CAP was, not only in applying for art school, but preparing me for the art world as an independent artist. Their mentorship was not only in developing our practical skills but encouraging us to learn the theory behind contemporary practice and how to act professionally as an artist. Thank you HND CAP!”

Gordon graduated in 2010 and gained direct entry to year 2 of the BA Hons Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art.

Kirsty Bain:

The HND at Telford College was a very important part of my learning and was an essential step i took to gain a place at Edinburgh College of Art. The facilities offered by Telford are great, with studio spaces similar to a university environment and encouraging and supporting staff, it allowed me to produce work to my best ability. The course itself has been well managed by the staff for students to gain as much experience in different art practices as possible. For me the HND was a very enjoyable, challenging and thoroughly rewarding course.

Kirsty graduated in 2010 and gained direct entry to year 2 Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art.

Lauren McLaughlin:

The HND Contemporary Art course was a positive, challenging, stimulating and supportive experience for me. I developed key skills in art practice and theory which led to a positive and smooth transition onto the second year of a degree course. With the ever improving facilities and course structure and the support and hard work of the teaching staff, the course allowed me to fully explore my ideas and by the end of the second year I had a strong foundation on which to continue my art practice with confidence and understanding of the contemporary art world.

Lauren graduated in 2010 and gained direct entry into year 2 of 3 at Central Saint Martins BA (Hons) Fine Art.

Sofie Fischer-Rasmussen:

Without the HND Contemporary Art Course at Telford College I would not be where I am today. clichéd I know, but the tutors and facilities at Telford prepared me for the challenges at Glasgow School of Art. It was a tremendous introduction to studio practice and self-motivated study. The way I was taught at Telford is extremely similar to art school and I would never have been ready going straight from high school to art school without Telford and the tutoring I received there. It was a brilliant experience.

Sofie graduated 2009 and gained direct entry to year 2 of the BA Hons Sculpture & Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art.

Sarah Wilson:

The 2 year course at Telford College opened by eyes to a new way of thinking and approaching the philosophy of contemporary art practice. As a mature student I really appreciated the library and student facilities that Telford offered. With the chance to exhibit my work and promote myself on the web it proved a great opportunity and my course tutors really encouraged me to push myself and realize my ambition. I now exhibit regularly and run a contemporary art space for like-minded artists.

Sarah graduated in 2009 and founded Axolotl Gallery in the heart of Edinburgh’s commercial gallery district. This was soon followed by the sister gallery AXO in Leith.

Peter Amoore:

Having the question, ‘why?’ surrounding most of my tuition at Telford challenged me to develop how I approached making and thinking about my work. It encouraged me to justify what I was doing, how I was doing it and furthered my curiosity of what I thought art was or could be. This led to the realisation that it was up to me to choose.

Peter graduated 2008 and gained direct entry to Year 2 of the BA Hons Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art.

Natalie Wilson:

Persistently being questioned about what I was doing and why I was doing it is what I found invaluable. It kept me learning at such a fast pace that I didn’t realise the full value of what I had learned until I left. The down to earth and practical advice prepared me for the real world and further study. – –

Natalie graduated in 2008 and gained direct entry to Year 2 of the BA Hons Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art.

Heather Dimarco:

The HND gave me an invaluable grounding into contemporary art practice. The knowledge and skills I learnt on the HND gave me direct access into level 2 & 3 Art Colleges in England and Scotland. I feel that having done the HND gave me a better and deeper understanding into my own practice and what is expected of you not only as a student at degree level but as a practicing artist. The support and knowledge of the tutors and staff in the art department is incredible and they still show interest and support in your work long after you have graduated. I recommend the HND Contemporary Art Practice.

Heather graduated in 2008 and gained direct entry to Year 2 of the BA Hons Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art.

Hayley Mathers:

“My time at Telford provided me with an excellent background in contemporary art which was invaluable in helping me succeed at art college. As well as meeting a great group of people, the HND course built up my confidence and gave me the skills to develop my practice independently and get the most out of my degree.”

Hayley graduated 2007 and gained direct entry to Year 2 of the BA Hons Time Based Art and Digital film she transfered into Year 3 Fine Art

Eilidh Gordon:

E. Gordon.JPG

Before attending the course I was no where near ready to progress onto a degree course, however with the experiences of the past two years I have been accepted onto a number of degree courses in England and have been able to gain direct entry into the 2nd year. It has provided me with a wider view on what can be regarded as art and it has also allowed me to explore my personal art practice.

Eilidh graduated 2006 and gained direct entry into year 2 BA Hons in Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is now a fully qualified Art Teacher and is teaching full-time in Manchester.

Gemma Prentice:


I think this has been a fantastic course. It provides you with so many great opportunities, like being able to be very self directed and producing art work that you really want to do. Its been great for being able to be independent and using your own initiative, which is a brilliant stepping stone for wherever you might move on to in the future, whether it be art college or working on your own. I would totally recommend this course, its been a great experience.

Gemma graduated in 2006 and went on to study Interior Design BA Hons at Birmigham University. She now lives and works in Hong Kong designing for a chain of 5 Star Hotels.

Ruth Barry:

R. Barry.jpg

The HND course at Telford allowed me to explore and develop my practice within a contemporary art context and the course undoubtedly prepared me for degree level education. The course was challenging and the tutors engaging, allowing me to develop and apply my understanding of contemporary art to my own practice. The tutors are all practising artists and therefore offered extremely good insight into the subject and I found them to be encouraging, energetic and highly influential. I gained direct entry into the 2nd year of the BA(Hons) Sculpture degree at Edinburgh College of Art, most certainly as a result of completing the HND.

Ruth graduated in 2005 and gained direct entry to 2nd year at Edinburgh College of Art: BA (Hons) Sculpture. Since completeing her studies Ruth has workied in the Education depts of the Whitechapel Gallery, London and The Gugenheim Museum in New York.

Benjamin Fallon:

Curated by Benjamin Fallon Exhibition curated by Benjamin Fallon at SWG3 Glasgow

‘Participating in this course equipped me with a strong grounding in practical and theoretical concerns in relation to contemporary artistic production which have been articulated through my practice initially as an artist and more recently as a curator. I would recommend the course without reservation to anyone who is interested in developing a practice within contemporary art.’

Benjamin graduated in 2004. Until recently he was a co-director of the Embassy (an independent gallery in Edinburgh). He maintains a practice as an independent curator and Graphic Designer.

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  1. Having attended the Graduation ceremony, last weekend, It reminded me of all the valuable skills that I gained from doing Public Art. The Group Crits, tutorials, community placements, etc, all proved to be extremely beneficial.
    Although there were a lot of difficult times throughout the HND, I feel that overall this has helped me to prepare for my degree.

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