Visiting Artists/Lecturers

Having a very strong programme of Visiting Artists and Lecturers working in a range of disciplines and media is a key aspect of the Professional Practice element of the course.

Visitors give illustrated talks about their practice followed by question & answer sessions. Several artists also do one to one tutorials with students.

This programme gives our colleauges the opportunity to communicate directly with professional and active practitioners other than the staff team.

The following people have already given talks / lecturers at the college:

Steven Anderson

Catherine Aitken

Emily Cullen

Stevie Dale

Dr Jacqueline Donachie

Marianne Eigeheer

Benjamin Fallon

Keith Farquhar

Mark Fisher

Martin Fowler

Andrew Gannon

Eilidh Gordon

Rocca Gutteridge

Alex Hetherington

Dean Hughes

Lyn Lowenstein

Lyndsay Mann

Shona MacNaughton

Robert Mills

David Murphy

Francesca Nobilucci

Jonathan Owen

Kevin Philips

Louisa Preston

Ewan Sinclair

Catherine Street

Jane Topping

Thomas Whittle

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